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Stone & Marble Restoration

Many natural stones are delicate and frequently lack long-term endurance. If a stone client isn't happy with the looks of their stone because of or attributable to significant wear or improper maintenance procedures, The Marble Guy can style a restoration program fits the consumer needs.

Stone restoration is a component of the stone maintenance cycle. It consists of 3 stages: Grinding, honing and polishing. Every stage is processed with the utilization of diamond abrasives. These abrasives are measured in grits. Lower grit diamonds can take away and surface scratches, lippage, etches, and traffic patterns. Middle grit diamonds can and will smooth and hone the surface. Higher grit diamonds will polish the surface. Continuous water flow is employed as a lubricant for the diamonds.

This method is comparable to sanding wood. The coarse grit sandpaper removes the scratches and therefore the fine grit smoothes the stone.

Diamond grinding is critical to get rid of and flatten the lippage from uneven tiles and to get rid of deep surface scratches. This can be completed with a thirty, 70, and a hundred and twenty grit diamond. Higher grit removes the marks of the previous grit.

Honing is accomplished with a 220 or 400 grit diamond. Honing entails smoothing out the bottom surface, therefore leaving the stone while not leaving a reflection, mirrored image or shine.

Polishing needs the employment of 600, 800, 1800, and even 3500 grit diamonds. They brighten the surface by sharpening the crystals that will increase the reflectivity. the higher the grit, the higher the shine. it's imperative to use all of the diamonds in succession. Skipping can leave scratches and stop the required shine. 5 to 6 passes per set of diamonds is critical to successfully complete the restoration method.